PREFER by World Link International Corp. Ltd. is a Taiwan based women's wear and accessories company since 2001. In 2010, we started our export sales expansion, offering ODM, OEM and wholesale services to various buyers worldwide. From 2012, the all year round Resort Wear style is the key line for our export sales.

PREFER’s products are designed and developed in Taipei, Taiwan and manufactured at our factories in Taiwan and Indonesia. In addition to exclusive prints and batik fabrics, PREFER’s Resort Wear is made from natural materials like silk, cotton, silk cotton. Printed and handmade batik scarves made from fine silk and silk cotton enrich the whole product line with an elegant touch.

Through fashion trade shows in Paris and Hong Kong, PREFER’s Resort Wear and scarves have found their way to boutiques and medium sized fashion retailers in Japan, U.S, France, Italy, China, Malaysia and Australia.

PREFER by World Link International Corp. Ltd.

Manufacturing, design, wholesale, export

ODM, OEM, wholesale

Women’s resort wear
Batik and print oriented textiles
Specific handmade batik crinkle silk scarves
Silk cotton scarves with brand’s exclusive prints

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